Meaningful feedback, faster

Give your students the feedback they need, when they need it. Floop enables personalized, spot-annotated teacher feedback.

Why I give feedback

Hand writing feedback on 30 pieces of work can be exhausting.

But it's worth it!

Taking the time to give personalized feedback to my students shows them that I care about their learning.

My students aren't flailing wildly anymore.

Now with Floop, I can grade and give personalized feedback to my students with ease.

floop on mobile

Improving the feedback system.

It's easy to use Floop in your classroom with phones, tablets, or laptops.

student submitting work

Student Submits Work

Students submit pictures of their work with their devices.

teacher giving feedback

Teacher Gives Feedback

Teacher views student work on Floop, types in comments at specific locations, and drags and drops repeat comments.

student replying to feedback

Students Iterate

Students instantly view feedback, respond, and revise their work, completing the loop and promoting dialog.

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What makes it better?

Floop makes it easier to give formative feedback and engage students in the learning process.


Teachers report giving feedback in 1/3 of the time compared to their traditional methods.

Actionable Data

Floop uncovers insights about student understanding and misconception, giving teachers, students, and schools actionable data.


Access anywhere with your device. Say ‘goodbye’ to stacks of papers.


Floop works on freeform work, including diagrams, equations, sketches, and more.


Your feedback provides guidance to students’ iterative work, when they need it most.

2-Way Dialogue

Engage your students in their learning process with spot-annotated, specific communication. Great way to clarify questions.

flash feedback logo

Your Floop account also gives you access to our peer-to-peer-feedback tool, Flash Feedback!

Here’s what teachers say about Floop...

"The biggest difference Floop makes is the turnaround in feedback. In past years, people make the same mistakes over and over again. This year, I've seen students improve a lot more."


HS STEM Teacher

"I was able to give higher-quality and more detailed, extensive, in-depth feedback using Floop. By hand, knowing that I’m going to give 15 kids the same feedback, I need to abbreviate and use shorter words so that I’m not giving the first kid really good feedback and then the last kid just ‘wrong'."

Sinead P.

HS Math Teacher

"I really like the drag and drop and how it counts for me. I can see how strong misconception really was; it’s clear that 12/15 people has this idea."

Amy M.

HS Physics and Engineering Teacher

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